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Look at her! Isn't she lovely?

Look at her! Isn’t she lovely?

MARY-MARY is the third reissued classic on our list and it contains one of my genuine literary heroes, Mary-Mary.  She wants to do what her older siblings do but is always told she’s too young, so she does it anyway, usually with a tea-cosy on her head, and she always does it better. I wanted to be just like her when I was her age, and I still want to be like her now that I’m grown up.

This is me at the age when I first discovered my role model

This is me at the age when I first discovered my role model

It was a book I read with my mum and then by myself, and now, due to my bullying and the lovely supportive nature of my colleagues, I can foist it back onto the nation. It was originally published as a Read With Mother title, so here, fittingly, is my mum to tell you all about it:

“I was walking through the well-stocked children’s department in my local Waterstones yesterday, and there it was with its original illustrations: MARY-MARY by Joan G. Robinson. The cover with its simple design of a smiling little girl with bright blonde hair really stood out from all of the other multi-coloured and patterned books on the table.

I was actually overjoyed. This was a book which I had bought and read to my daughter Kate (Katy as she was then) all those (well, not too many to me!) years ago! We’d enjoyed it together so much and it was re-read again several times by Kate after that initial bedtime story. Seeing it brought back some very happy memories.

It really is a lovely book, and wonderfully written. Joan G. Robinson has a real understanding of children and she beautifully tells the story of a family of five siblings, the youngest being Mary-Mary. She is a lovable character and a lot of fun, but of course embarrasses her siblings as only a younger brother or sister can!

I remember Kate and I laughing out loud at some of her antics. It was and still is a super story to listen to or to read to someone – and not just at bedtime. I’m so glad that it has been reprinted so that a younger generation and their parents can enjoy it as much as we did. I shall be delighted to read it again. Such happy memories!”