Really important questions for a Friday afternoon…

Friday lunchtime in the Hot Key office, the sun is (sporadically) shining and it’s been a couple of days since we last had to wear a scarf.  At this time of year, young publishers’ thoughts turn to love.  And thus, our big Friday discussion is… which literary characters do you fancy?

Personally, I’ve had a crush on Lord Peter Wimsey for 24 years now.   Whenever I read any Dorothy L Sayers it always comes flooding back – he’s so dashing!  So intelligent! So quick-witted! So good at coming up with successful publicity campaigns for Whifflets!!  (If you haven’t read Murder Must Advertise, you really should.)

It got to the point when I was about 14 that I stopped reading any of the books that also contained Harriet Vane purely down to jealousy.  I am over that now.

See..?  REALLY important things being discussed here in Clerkenwell.