Red Lemon Press Takeover: Being a Boy


Today is a special day, because our brand new sister company, Red Lemon Press, just launched their first title: BEING A BOY. And James Dawson, the author of BEING A BOY has written a post to introduce you to his exiting book.

My name is James Dawson, and I’m the author of young adult thrillers HOLLOW PIKE and CRUEL SUMMER. But before that, I was a teacher and PSHE coordinator for almost ten years. Basically I am a SEXPERT and I am here to tackle your erm…burning issues!

Can you answer the following questions:
1. Can you get pregnant on your FIRST TIME?
2. When do your ‘balls drop’?
3. Why does your ‘voice break’?

These are just some of the pressing questions that might be pinging around your head right now. Puberty is a very, VERY confusing time. When I was your age, I remember having hundreds of questions about sex, relationships and puberty but being TERRIFIED to ask. I remember how scary puberty was so now hopefully I can provide some of the answers.

I know it’s tempting to Google stuff, but the internet is SO confusing and porn definitely isn’t Sex Ed. I wanted to give you ALL the facts you need in a frank and funny way. I don’t know about you, but I think willies are pretty hilarious. I mean, think about it. They are a little bit silly aren’t they? With this in mind, BEING A BOY features brilliant and hilarious illustrations from the über talented Spike Gerrell.

If you want a taste of what BEING A BOY is like, check out these sex ed videos below and share them with your friends!