September Book Club Pick: HOLES

It’s autumn, summer is over, school is back and everyone is sad. Except me, I’m not sad at all, in fact I’m really excited because this month it’s my turn to pick a book to discuss in the next Book Club! We’ve looked at a few books for older audiences recently so we thought we’d re-live our schooldays and pick a book that’s aimed at younger readers.

I’ve picked HOLES by Louis Sachar for this.


Loved by young readers but plenty of older ones too this is the story of Stanley Yelnat who comes from a family plagued by bad luck. The book opens with Stanley on his way to Camp Green Lake Juvenile Detention Centre and having read the first few pages I can already tell that it’s going to be a funny read.

I’ve heard so many lovely things about this book, I’ve even seen the film (starring a very young, fresh-faced Shia LaBeouf), though I’m quite pleased that I can’t really remember what happens in the story.

A couple of years ago in Waterstones Guide to Kid’s Books it was described thus: “A truly life-affecting read, I get everyone I know to read it” which sounds pretty convincing to me!

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