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Write Ideas – An Evening at Platform Islington

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of hosting a talk on working in Editorial as part of Platform Islington‘s ‘Write Ideas’, an author-led storymaking project for young people. I wasn’t sure how many people would be there as attendance is designed to be casual, so Sanne, Monique and I were very…


Young Writers Prize: Our Top Ten Writing Tips

Hello one and all! It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for a top ten countdown. This week – our top ten writing tips to have come out of this year’s Young Writers Prize. We had a ton of entries, and the quality of this year’s writing was even stronger…


Writing Advice from YOU!

It’s time for another round of writing advice from YOU! We all know that writing can be quite a challenge from time to time, so we love collecting advice and sharing it with you. This week we have a great list of writing tips. Here’s what our Twitter followers and…


Writing Advice from YOU: Character Inspiration

It’s time for another round of writing advice from our lovely Twitter followers. This time we’re discussing character inspiration. Where do you get your ideas for characters from? Some authors use family members, others try to stay away from that as much as possible. Here are your answers: Thanks to…


Edward Carey: Writing The Iremonger Trilogy

HEAP HOUSE is being released this week and in honour of this Edward Carey has written a blog post about what inspired him to write THE IREMONGER TRILOGY. THE IREMONGER TRILOGY really started because of my family. On my mother’s side there are some relations with the name Iremonger, it…