Thank you!

A huge thank you to everyone who is helping us with our Week of Woo. There is more to come today, but we just wanted to give a special shout out to our two YouTube commenters.

That is exactly what we’re after – unconditional love. Okay, not really. But we are most definitely here to bring authors and readers together. In this particular case, in real life, if we can!

We also want to show you all how much we enjoy what we do. We are so proud to have done something to make someone say, “Why are more companies not like this?” Because we think other companies can and should be like this. Celebrate your successes, have fun, don’t be shy!

Stay tuned for a new Week of Woo vlog post… at 3pm.

Ed’s note: Just as I pressed “publish” on this post, an email landed in my inbox. Are you all getting the fantastic Trend Briefings from Their latest summary of the mood of the market says be FLAWSOME: people respond well to companies that act human, and aren’t afraid to be transparent.

So… this is us at Hot Key Books, warts and all.