The Design Department: Fish Out Of Water by Natalie Whipple

Today we’re having a look at creating the cover for Natalie Whipple’s latest book FISH OUT OF WATER . More specifically hand lettering a book cover!foowwip

Two roughs for the cover

At first me and Art Director Jet were bouncing ideas and thought two gold fish of different colours would neatly capture both the fish theme and the race theme. We then played a bit with showing some fish tank and Mika’s face, but decided that less was more. This one was a quick and joyous process and the rest you can watch below:

FISH OUT OF WATER, a whip-smart and heartfelt book about one girl’s summer of love, friendship, prejudice … and fish, isĀ out now! For more information, to read the first chapter and to buy the book, head over to our website.

You can also follow the author on Twitter @nataliewhipple