The Design Department: The Wrestling Trolls Cover

Today I want to share the development of the cover for Wrestling Trolls, a book series I illustrate and design (the first book will be out in 2014). Let’s start with the logo!

AD Jet Purdie asked for something inspired by 80s wrestling, so metal and shiney, and I also wanted to convey the fantasy troll element. Quite elementary that became the base of the design. I then tried some different alternatives, but eventually landed quite close to the initial version.Troll logosHere are the three sketches I did for the first book, before any of the characters or the logo were fully designed. All have nice qualities but for the first book we went for the Hovering Elbow Punch Over Floored Wrestler. I don’t think that’s the technical term, but I’m sure Jet our Art Director knows.

WT_R3_CMYKdWT_R3_CMYKcWT_R3_CMYKbNext I finalised the design, but decided a few things weren’t working just yet.

WT1So I revamped the logo, making it a little sleeker, and flipped both The Masked Avenger and Big Rock’s head. And gave the colours and big boost as well, colouring in some lines and bringing them together.

Et voila!WT1 V2