The Highs and Lows of Publishing

I hope you’ve all seen the news about our exciting recent acquisitions: a pre-empt and four pre-Bologna deals. We are so happy with how our list is coming along, with so many fantastically talented authors, new and more established. And the response via Twitter yesterday was fabulous!

We’ve even outstripped all the erotica publishing news to be the most read story on Book Trade Info

But it isn’t all highs, and so before you think we are all smug, let me say that it doesn’t always work out that way. Did you know that publishers get rejected, too?

Like all publishers, we’ve done elaborate videos, sent crazy packages, delivered detailed (beautiful prezi) presentations… spent hours pouring over the content of the manuscripts to pick out just the right details to impress and ultimately not landed the deal.

But that’s just the way publishing goes. All the publishers who pitch think they are the best home for the author, and it can’t help but feel a little like being dumped when it ends up not to be you.

Our lovely intern Amy (@amyocelot) said it best when she said publishing is hard.

And so, we’ll wait and watch for announcements about who got those wonderful projects that we wanted and will wish all the best for those ones that got away.

(P.S. I didn’t actually get to offer on it because it was whisked off the table by those clever editors at Simon & Schuster last year, but one of these amazing books that you’ve got to read when it comes out is The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda. It’s awesome.)

We’d love to hear from any other publishing folk about their ones that got away…