Through the Key Hole – hot titles coming in January

Every month we’ll be taking a sneak peek at some of the exciting books and events coming up at Hot Key Books for the following month.

Starting with January, here are three books to look forward to that will help you escape those long, cold evenings.



LEOPOLD BLUE is a gripping coming-of-age debut novel by Rosie Rowell, set in the AIDs ravished country side of South Africa during the early 1990s. 15-year-old Meg is embarrassed by her ‘busy-body’ mother who makes it her life’s work to highlight the dangers of AIDs to a community who would rather not acknowledge the disease and ostracises the family as a result. Tensions rise as Meg has to cope with an annoying younger sister, a feisty new best friend and a childhood boyfriend who has recently returned from travelling. Heat and frustration rises off every page in this nostalgic trip of teenage life in 1990s rural South Africa.

Freedom Day on April 27 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the beginning of democratic elections in South Africa and signals the end of apartheid. Rosie Rowell will be visiting South Africa to mark the anniversary and will be blogging about her trip.


BOYS DON’T KNIT by Tom Easton is a hilarious book for teens about a boy who takes up knitting to avoid the Young Offenders unit and discovers that he not only has a talent for it, but actually enjoys knitting. Can he get the girl, keep his street cred and please his family whilst managing his secret passion for knitting?

Described as ‘Adrian Mole for a new generation’ – this it the perfect book for young people looking for an antidote to dystopia and crime.


We are super excited to be publishing SHRUNK!: MAYHEM AND METEORITES, the sequel to SHRUNK! (Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week) by F. R. Hitchcock. Astonishingly, over 2000 children helped Fleur to write this book through the Story Adventure project and Fleur has managed to create a worthy sequel with equal craziness and charm. We will also be hosting the launch party for Story Adventure members in January.

Fleur will be back with a new Story Adventure in January but check out the site now to find out what Jim Eldridge is up to with his WRESTLING TROLLS.