Through the Keyhole: February

Take a peek through the Keyhole to discover what we have coming up in February…

JJFind out more about both sides of the story of Jennifer Jones

We are extremely excited to be publishing FINDING JENNIFER JONES by Anne Cassidy – the long awaited sequel to LOOKING FOR JJ, first published 10 years ago, that tells the shocking story of a 10-year-old girl who kills her best friend and the after effects on all involved.

Join Anne Cassidy, teen literature expert Wendy Cooling MBA, Director of Prison Reform Trust Juliet Lyon OBE and David Kendall from The Reading Agency for a fascinating discussion on identity, punishment and prison reform. This event will be held on Wednesday February 5th at the Free Word Centre in London.

Find out more about this FREE event and book your place here.

WT1 V2Slam down, wallop , the WRESTLING TROLLS have arrived into town!

We are super excited to be publishing a fun new series for children aged 7+ about wrestling trolls by award-winning author Jim Eldridge who will be touring the UK doing school and festival events in February and throughout the year.

Jack knows every wrestling move there is to know, and his dreams come true when he’s recruited as a training assistant to Waldo’s Wrestling Trolls. Little does Jack know that he’s actually part troll, and that when his new family is in trouble he morphs into the terrifying Thud! He’ll have to rescue princesses that don’t need rescuing, avoid ambushes by goblins and build a team of Wrestling Trolls to take on Lord Veto’s evil orcs in a battle for the tournament money.


The lovely DJ McCune will be coming over from Northern Ireland for school events in February to promote the sequel to DEATH & CO.

After breaking Luman law trying to stop a terrorist attack in London, Adam is looking forward to getting back to school and returning to normality. Unfortunately, Fate is standing in his way, and she goes by the name of Morta. Adam must weigh up what is most important: his friendships, school and being normal, or life as a Luman. There is only one place he can find the answers he needs. Adam must enter the Realm of the Fates and take control of a situation that is about to spiral dangerously out of control.

As you can see, we’ve got plenty of fun events coming up in February! Keep an eye on the blog and our Twitter @hotkeybooks for other book news.