Through the Keyhole: June

Hello and welcome to my first magical peek through the keyhole to show you all some exciting things coming up for JUNE…

It seems like we’re not the only ones who have spotted the wealth of fabulous books coming out in June – there’s an entire twitter/blog/universe pointing this out over at – which includes our very own James Dawson with SAY HER NAME (more about that later) and Nigel McDowell with THE BLACK NORTH. There’s an entire schedule of blog posts going on, so check out all the amazing books being published on the same day – something in the water perhaps? Or is it the lure of summer holidays around the corner, begging to be filled with LOADS OF FUN READING?

SAY HER NAME by James Dawson and AMERICAN SAVAGE by Matt Whyman

AMERICAN SAVAGE - Matt Whyman - Jacket

Two super exciting new books from Hot Key fellas, and very excitingly, they will be touring TOGETHER under the banner of FRIGHTFEST. They will scare their audiences witless, no doubt*as they talk ghouls and cannibals in schools around the UK. SAY HER NAME is a new horror title from James and successfully wins the prize for scariest teen book I’ve ever read – so much so I had to put it in my freezer, where it couldn’t hurt me…

Freezer Dawson1

You’ll already be familiar with the unusually dietarily-inclined family from THE SAVAGES, but this time join them as they take their culinary adventures Stateside – where the portions are always super-sized! Check out Matt’s website for all the extra info you can stomach…

 Wrestling Trolls: Hunk & Thud


Jim Eldridge is back with more wrestling trolls in the second of this hilarious series for 7+ children – we’ve got piles of fun, games and downloadable activities over on the website so take a look:

 Children’s Book Week


Creeping in at the very end of June, from 30th June- 6th July, it’s time for Children’s Book Week! For the first time this has moved to June rather than the Autumn so it will be the perfect time for schools to celebrate books at the end of term. On the 2nd of July it will be time to announce the winners of the Booktrust Best Book Awards, so we’ll cross our fingers for Cate Cain and Tom Banks who are both on the shortlist – why not register to vote over on the awards website:

That’s all for now folks – see you next month when we return to take a peek through the keyhole!

*Disclaimer for teachers-no actual wits will be harmed during this tour