Top Ten Tuesday: Best Cliffhangers

For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday we’ve created a list of our favourite, or perhaps least favourite, cliffhangers in books (+ by popular demand, some movies). These are the moments that made us want to throw books out of the window and rant to our friends for hours!

51EWhJXwB6LA dear friend of mine said she threw THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO across the room because of the cliffhanger and refused to read anymore in the series. I loved it, though! – SOC

I’m actually reading THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO for the first time at the moment and it feels like there’s a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter! Non-stop excitement, quite literally. – Holly

It worked for me, too. ­ I bought KNIFE to read on holiday (thinking it would last me the whole week) and ended up buying the next two on my kindle and reading them all in six days because I just had to find out what happened! – Caitgetimage_195_300_c1_center_center_0_0_1Slightly more torturous was the ending of LIRAEL. ­ I couldn’t believe it would be a whole year until ABHORSEN! – Cait
5890There’s also a brilliant cliffhanger at the midway point of Wilkie Collins’s THE WOMAN IN WHITE, which I read recently on holiday. I couldn’t possibly say what it is, though, as it would completely ruin the surprise… – Holly

Summer MazeI don’t want to spoil too much, since the movie is coming out soon, but the last chapter of THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner completely threw me off! You’re expecting some kind of explanation and then all of a sudden…. – SanneDancing Jax Robin JarvisDANCING JAX by Robin Jarvis.  I ADORE that book, but when I finished the manuscript I actually emailed the editor at 8:30am on a Saturday morning with a string of expletives as I believed they’d wantonly not sent the final chapter. – Kate

delirium-lauren-oliverDELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver. I was obsessed with reading this book, it had a beautiful hardback cover, everyone was talking about it, they had a gorgeous launch with soft lighting and cocktails in teacups… it was all looking so promising – the concept is that love is a disease to be “cured” when you reach the appropriate age and you are then paired up with someone by the state. But of course how could I not see that it might end… shall we say dramatically? Anyway I tried to read the next book but when it appeared in the first twenty pages that she wasn’t going to undo that ending I just had to give up from being too sad!!  – Rosi

Catching-Fire-book-cover-image-credit-The-Book-SmugglersCATCHING FIRE  by Suzanne Collins has a cliffhanger that I can definitely remember. I read Catching Fire when Mockingjay hadn’t been released yet, so I had to wait a whole year before I could discover what was next! – Sanne


Thelma and Louise. The ultimate. (OK not a book but a story!) – Emily

SW_-_Empire_Strikes_BackIf Emily gets Thelma and Louise, I deffos get to have THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK! – Naomi

chitty3This is stretching the brief, but growing up we had an audiobook of CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG on cassette, and one of the cassettes ended at the same place as in the film (where there is the famous “Intermission” break where the car falls off the cliff. . . ) Whoever narrated it said “But. . .” and left it hanging, and you needed to turn over to find out what happened next. I think that was probably my first introduction to suspense. – Debbie

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