Top Ten Tuesday: Best Fictional Pets

Since I’ve never had a pet of my own, I’ve always been envious of characters in children’s books who have cute, funny and extraordinary pets. Here are my top 10 favourite pets:

1) Hedwig (Harry Potter Series – by J.K Rowling)

Hedwig is Harry Potter’s pet owl, a gift from Hagrid that was given to the young wizard on his eleventh birthday. Hedwig is a smart, loyal and dutiful snowy owl but what makes her most favourable is her ability to quickly and efficiently deliver the post. Here at Hot Key, with a recent issue with our franking machine, we would have been grateful for a postman owl like Hedwig, to save us from many long walks to the post office.

2) Nana (Peter Pan – J.M. Barrie)

The Darling family’s Newfoundland, Nana from J.M Barrie’s PETER PAN, is an obvious choice for this list, as she is not only a loveable household dog, but also a doting nanny to the Darling children. It is rather hard to comprehend the fact that a dog would be capable of looking after someone’s children and even Mr. Darling is said to be embarrassed by his employee, but Barrie’s novel stresses Nana is very good at her job, declaring that “no nursery could have been conducted more correctly”.

3) Wilbur (Charlotte’s Web – E. B. White)


Wilbur is the fictional pet pig of character, Fern Arable in CHARLOTTE’S WEB who you can’t help feeling sorry for. Poor Wilbur was born the runt of his family and throughout the story his position at Arable farm never appears certain as Fern’s father always threatens to disown him. Eventually Wilbur is sold on to another farmer Homer Zuckerman, where he meets Charlotte the Spider. Wilbur expresses a kind heart through his friendship with Charlotte, who he constantly looks out for and even after her death is willing to look after the hundreds of children she leaves behind.

4) Toto (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – L. Frank Baum)

Toto from THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ is the much-loved small terrier owned by the story’s main character Dorothy Gale. He is one of my favourite fictional pets, as despite not being able to speak like the other non-humans in the book, he is still able to act as a dependable companion to his young owner as she struggles to comprehend the new world she has ended up in.

5) Toby (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time – Mark Haddon)

Another fictional pet who serves as a travel companion to its owner is Christopher’s pet rat, Toby in Haddon’s THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT TIME. Toby is similar in the way he is the buddying pet to Christopher, during his turbulent journey from home to London as he strives, as an autistic young boy, to gain independence from his father.

6) Fat Louie (‘The Princess Diaries’ series – Meg Cabot)


Fat Louie is Princess Mia’s cat who weighs a whopping twenty-five pounds and seven ounces. Despite its problems with obesity, he is still the love of her life!

7) Angus (‘Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging’ series– Louise Rennison)


Georgia Nicolson’s mixed breed (half domestic, half Scottish wild) cat is one hilariously MAD fictional pet!

8) Snowy (The Adventures of Tintin series – Herge)

Album J Activity Book cover Castillan2

Snowy is Tintin’s white fox terrier, who was always the young boy’s fearless companion during his exciting adventures.

9) Pug (Mansfield Park – Jane Austen)

Simply named ‘Pug’ by its somewhat insipid owner, I feel this fictional pet adds humour to Austen’s characterisation of Lady Bertram. Her rank as well as her laziness that is portrayed throughout the novel is manifested in her choice of dog. This is a prime example of pets resembling the traits of their owners.

10) Cujo (Cujo – Stephen King)


It might be a shock to see Cujo on the list, a large, menacing dog who is on a ferocious killing spree in Stephen King’s psychological horror novel. One could ask, who in their right mind would want this mad dog as a pet? However, what most of you might have forgotten is that Cujo begun his life as a well-tempered St. Bernard owned by the Camber family, who one day whilst harmlessly chasing after a rabbit, was bitten by a bat that gave him rabies and caused his personality to dramatically turn for the worst.

Who is your favourite fictional pet?