Top Ten Tuesday: Book Covers To Hang On Your Walls.

It’s Top Ten Tuesday and today we’re sharing our favourite book covers with you. These are the covers that we love SO MUCH that we want to cover our walls with them.

IMG_7093 IMG_7098I have 2 framed jackets in my office.  They’re there not because of the artwork or because the jackets are for a particular edition that I had / loved as a child, but just because I love what lies inside the jacket. It’s nice to be reminded of why I do my job and why I enjoy it so much – I hope that the books we publish are loved and remembered as much as the ones I’ve framed. – Kate Manning

We the drowned2Naomi suggested THE THOUSAND AUTUMNS OF JACOB DE ZOET by David Mitchell, which has gorgeous blue waves and clouds and was illustrated by Joe Wilson, who did THE CLOUD HUNTERS and SKY RUN! And I would like to pair this cover with WE, THE DROWNED by Carsten Jensen, which has the same theme and is definitely something I’d love to have on my wall!

IMG_6634I first saw this cover of ON THE ROAD in the window of a Waterstones. It was right by the Clothbound Classic edition of EMMA, but this dragged my eye away from my clothbound obsession. There’s something about the cream-grey background and stark text that feels lonely – I love the contrast with the intimacy of the hand-sketched route map. For me it says everything about the book without being explicit – undoubtably my favourite kind of cover! – Cait

invisible-monstersI love the US edition of INVISIBLE MONSTERS by Chuck Palahniuk. Rodrigo Corral designed the cover and Gene Mollica illustrated. This cover is great because you can turn it up up-side-down and make the pretty model/teen prom queen into an old lady, and I love that the blood is pink and not an obvious red. – Jet Purdie


I have known and loved the picture book, MISS JASTER’S GARDEN by N.M. Bodecker, since my childhood. I lost my cherished childhood copy in a house move. I have literally just a few weeks ago bought a second hand copy, as I came to realise my life was not complete without it! I love the elegant illustration, with its luminously airy and bright colour, so reminiscent of that wonderful clear seaside light that you get on the coast. All combined with the gentle, eternal charm of elegant Miss Jaster and her naughty hedgehog companion. Just bliss. – Emma Matthewson

Catcher-RyeThere are many awesome covers for the classic THE CATCHER IN THE RYE and we have this one hanging on our living room wall. – Meg

Jan coversThere are so many great covers out there it’s quite hard to pick favourites. Sometimes I even enjoy looking at designer’s roughs more than I do the finished covers as there are usually some raw nerve to them that doesn’t survive the whole design and vetting process. Any of Chris Wares New Yorker covers would look great on a wall. Or why not one of his cleaner Krazy Kat covers? Or anything by Jessica Hische. Or this Bill Bragg’s Melville book for Folio Society? And I loved the RED SKULL covers by David Aja. There’s simply too much to chose! – Jan Bielecki

1984My favourite is the new Penguin 1984 – in the classic orange striped cover but with the title completely redacted, in totalitarian state-style. The only way you can discover the book’s title and author is by picking it up and seeing them in the blind embossing. – JennyIMG_7100This was love at first sight for me. I love everything about it; the art style, the colours, the typeface, the passion. And how cool that it is illustrated by our own Jan Bielecki. We have a huge version in our boardroom and I often finding myself staring at it lovingly during meetings (ahem, I mean concentrating really hard!). I can just see a print (or you know, the original artwork) of it, for my wall at home. Right, Jan? – Sarah B

What are your favourite book covers and do you have any of them on display in your house? Let us know in a comment or on Twitter @HotKeyBooks. Of course we’d love to see some pictures!