Top Ten Tuesday: Books that should be films

It’s movie awards season! And I’ve got films on the brain…so this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a list of books that we think should be films.

41RyE4W4uML1. THE GOLDFINCH – Donna Tartt

Will it make a good film? I don’t know. But it has a cracking plot so far and I just feel in the hands of a truly extraordinary storyteller, and all the while wondering how it is all going to resolve and come together, but knowing somehow it will. Even if a film director can’t capture the luminous writing on the screen surely there is a way of capturing the thriller element of the plot…? (Will have a better idea when I have finished). – Emma M



Katie Coyle was tweeting about her ideal cast the other night and she wants Harry Styles as Peter. My kinda girl. (No judgment please). -Livs

71faIQpMMIL._SL1500_3. LIFE AFTER LIFE – Kate Atkinson 

 Though, as it is such an exquisite book, I feel a little protective because in the wrong hands it could be rubbish. – Emily

61JL6unN31L._SL1000_4. A GREYHOUND OF A GIRL – Roddy Doyle

I would love to see Greyhound Girl by Roddy Doyle made into a indie film. That scene in the car has stayed with me, months after I read the book, and I want to see some really talented women take on those roles. (I’m not fussed about accents, though other people might be.) SOC

61r5WBZH1yL._SL1275_5. ARTEMIS FOWL – Eoin Colfer

 Part of me is terrified that it will end up like the Cirque du Freak movie (which was just horrendous), but there have been rumours about this movie ever since I went on the Internet for the first time and I just want it to happen! – Sanne

71ZN22BYEQL._SL1158_6. LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE – Laura Ingalls Wilder

I am a bit obsessed with how great that book is and what a marvellous adventure – would be a fabulous film! – Sarah O




I was interested to see exciting things that could be done with the Noise in The Knife of Never Letting Go. – Jenny

615KOZZnSLL._SL1000_8. NORTHERN LIGHTS – Phillip Pullman (Remake!)

Rachel Weisz should clearly have been Mrs Coulter – and also it had all of its power and bite removed by an American studio clearly nervous about upsetting people with the book’s very clearly anti-Church message. I couldn’t have been more disappointed with it, and the fact that the second and third instalments never made it to the big screen say it all… – Naomi

51oQrYV0jbL9. HEAP HOUSE – Edward Carey

…but only if Edward got full creative control. – Livs

allouryesterdays10. ALL OUR YESTERDAYS by Cristin Terrill

Here’s finally one from me – This would make a great action-packed, time-traveling teen movie! The books sees you constantly switching between the characters in their past and in their present so I think this doubling will look great on screen.

We thought of so many books we wanted to see in film, so here’s a few bonus ones that couldn’t make the list:

Any of the novels by Benjamin Zephaniah. Each of them -Face, Refugee Boy, Gangsta Rap, Teacher’s Dead – so timely, so important. – Emma M

SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS by Lemony SnicketI secretly love the film more than the books and I just want there to be MORE. – Sanne

What book do you think should be a film? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @Hotkeybooks