Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Will Make You Cry

It is my last week here at Hot Key Books, and it’s making me really sad. But since I’m stone cold when saying goodbye (seriously, what’s wrong with me?), I do like to find a comforting outlet for those suppressed tears. So for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday we’re listing our favourite books that are guaranteed to make you cry. Because honestly, who doesn’t love a good tear jerker?

I Miss You, I Miss You!-21. I remember reading I MISS YOU, I MISS YOU! by Peter Pohl and Kinna Gieth as a young teen and just sobbing uncontrollably. Can you imagine losing your identical twin in a car crash? Tears will stream, and you will love every bit of it. – Emma B.


2. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS! I’ve read it five times now and I still cry every time. There are certain scenes that always do the trick: the literal heart of Jesus, the scene in Amsterdam (if you’ve read it, you know what I’m talking about). But sometimes even the moment when the plane touches down in the Netherlands can make me cry. TFIOS never disappoints. – Sanne


3. Besides TFIOS, WE WERE LIARS actually also made me cry – probably from shock and sleep deprivation… That’s all I can say! – Cait

HP & the Half-Blood Prince

4. Oh definitely HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. I don’t think I need to say which bit and I’d HATE to spoil it for anyone young enough (and lucky enough) yet to read it! But I sob uncontrollably every time. – Jen

Amber Spyglass

5. THE AMBER SPYGLASS.  That ending, when they’re on the bench.  I was crying so much in the staffroom at WTS Hampstead that a fellow bookseller though a member of my family had died. – Kate

Dandelion Clocks

6. If TFIOS is a given, then mine is another cancer book (young girl’s mother has terminal cancer), but it made me cry at my desk, so I’m going for DANDELION CLOCKS by Rebecca Westcott. Lovely, simple writing and story but with some beautiful imagery and characters from a debut author. – Debbie

Noughts & Crosses

7. I think I will go for the one and only NOUGHTS & CROSSES. I read it on holiday with my parents and the ending made me weep! (at Malories events children are constantly asking her WHY she ended it so sadly and she says it made her cry writing it too!) I passed it on to both my parents that holiday and they both cried buckets too! – Rosi

A Monster Calls

8. Have to agree on these: Potter – I wept piteously at the end of every single book from the end of The Goblet of Fire onwards and will never be the same again. The Amber Spyglass, my god, that scene completely floored me and made me crumble! More recently it has to be A MONSTER CALLS (cancer, again…). Unbearably moving, never mawkish. Was crying in full view on the Tube. My fellow passengers were looking at me with concern. – Holly

The knife

9. Well if we’re talking Ness it has to be THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO for me! My heart still breaks – and I was more profoundly affected by that particular scene than much else that comes after… – Naomi

Life After Life

10. LIFE AFTER LIFE by K Atkinson on audio. Couldn’t stop the tears coming on the tube. – Emily

BONUS: We had so many submissions this week that we have a couple of extra ones to add to the list!

  NO matter what
My Tear Jerker is NO MATTER WHAT a picture boo by Debi Gliori which is sure to get all adults a bit weepy as they grapple with the theme of enduring love while reading to little children.  A wonderful book. – Sarah O

by Jandy Nelson. Meet Lennie; clarinet playing, poetry writing, Wuthering Heights obsessed – and grieving for her brilliant sister who has just died. However, Lennie’s also falling in love for the first time. Surrounded by kooky and wonderful supporting characters, this novel traces Lennie’s emotional journey from an awkward girl to a self-assured, brave young adult as she grapples with life, love and death. Beautifully and powerfully written, I found myself totally immersed in Lennie’s world and crying every different type of cry as I read it. – Livs

by Julia Donaldson (with amazing illustrations by Rebecca Cobb). The girl has a nice mummy who helps her make some paper dolls, which get into all sorts of deeply imaginative adventures (with few words) with the girl. But when they are destroyed by a MEAN BOY they live on in her memory along with numerous other treasures from her childhood and – cue tissues – a kind granny. And then she grows up and has a daughter of her own and makes paper dolls with her and by now I’m unable to keep my voice steady and bedtime story time becomes embarrassing for all involved. – Jenny

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