Top Ten Tuesday: Books We Read in 1 Day

Sometimes a book just grabs you and refuses to let go. For this Top Ten Tuesday we’ve compiled a list of books that we finished in one day. They all vary in page count, but they have one thing in common: we couldn’t put them down!

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's NestActually, I am quite impressed by this one, it was the 750 page third volume in the Larsson trilogy: THE GIRL WHO KICKEd THE HORNET’S NEST. Mind you, I was ill with a very bad cold and couldn’t do much else but read. My eyes have never been the same. – Emily

250px-DeathlyHallowsCoverThe one I distinctly remember finishing in one day and being immensely proud of was HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – but then I didn’t sleep much that night. So worth the extra tiredness! – Asmaa


OUR SPOONS CAME FROM WOOLWORTHS by Barbara Comyns. It is quite short but I couldn’t put it down once I’d started – bought in a bookshop on a bookseller recommendation, started it on the bus, finished it in bed via the bath! A young girl marries an artist (with a newt in her pocket as a bridesmaid) against the wishes of her family, and it’s the story of her married life in increasing poverty in Bohemian London in the thirties. Completely unique narrative voice, it was a breath of fresh air. – Debbie Twilight-cover

At the height of the Twilight Series excitement I read the first book in a day – or maybe it was just a couple of hours!  I had the cold and it was a Saturday.  I don’t know if it made me feel better or not.  Afterwards I asked a friend who had read them all to tell me what happened in the series. Enough said! – Sarah O

One of our recent submissions, which I’m now making an offer on! – Naomi

the-martian-by-andy-weir-2It’s been a while since I’ve read a book in a day – probably because it’s something I only really tend to do when I’m on holiday – but the one that sticks out is THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir. I’m not usually into SFF or action-adventure type books but this one was just totally gripping. A total blockbuster of a book, I finished it and immediately gave it to my Dad to read.  – Jen

the-mill-on-the-flossThe one that sticks in the mind for me is THE MILL ON THE FLOSS by George Eliot. It was slightly enforced, in that I had to read it in a very intense session for a uni deadline, but I got so involved in the tragedy of these very flawed, very real characters that I was a complete ruin at the end – it was the first time I ever cried at a book, and it opened the floodgates. – Holly

Catching-Fire-book-cover-image-credit-The-Book-Smugglers Pretty sure I also devoured CATCHING FIRE in a single sunny day, and immediately went straight on to MOCKINGJAY because I was so gripped I couldn’t stop, and I could have easily polished off each Potter book in a day, but I rationed myself to four chapters a day to make it last as long as possible! – Holly

DaVinciCodeI think I got THE DA VINCI CODE by Dan Brown as a present when I was not feeling well (I was probably 15-16) and I read it in one sitting! I don’t think I’ve ever done that again, though I’ve gotten close with Harry Potter. – Sanne

WE WERE LIARSIt’s surprisingly difficult because I’m rarely fast enough to read a whole book in one day, but I did it with WE WERE LIARS before I started work at Hot Key – I was desperate to unravel the mystery as fast as possible so couldn’t put it down! – Rosi

Have you ever finished a book in 1 day? Let us know in a comment or on Twitter @HotKeyBooks.