Top Ten Tuesday – Typography

One of the best things about working in the Hot Key office is conversations that lead to awesome discoveries, usually about books.

IMG_7224I can’t remember what we were talking about when Sanne showed me the most fun data+public domain+fonts book imaginable. Behold, the bizarre perfectness of FRANKENFONT, the story of Frankenstein displayed using an amalgamation of fonts, based on frequency of use, found through PDF searches. If you only click on one link in this blog, this should be it:

So, this Top Ten Tuesday is celebrating stand out typography. Plus it’s celebrating my awesome colleagues at Hot Key who have led me on a happy hunt around the internet, learning so many cool things.

2. It’s hard to follow FRANKENFONT, but I think this does it. Jenny Jacoby described this as “magic”; and I am certainly entranced: The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall. It seems very mysterious and intriguing on the website. There are fish made out of words. And people have tattoos on their toes. Audrey Niffeneger recommends it “gleefully”. Then, there is this, which screams at me to buy this book and find out what’s going on:


3. There is a lot of love for the playful typography of Lauren Child in the office, especially the Clarice Bean novels and HUBERT HORATIO BARTLE BOBTON-TRENT.

4. Jan Bielecki loved Visual Edition’s interpretation of the 18th century tome THE LIFE AND OPINIONS OF TRISTRAM SHANDY, GENTLEMAN

IMG_7233IMG_7235 IMG_7237

You can see longer glimpses of the interiors here:

5. PLUS, Emma Bonnier suggested pretty much everything that Visual Editions has made. The only logical conclusion is to go and buy the entire publishing output of Visual Editions. Seriously. It’s only five books, and they’re all amazing.)

TREE OF CODES by Jonathan Safran Foer is at the top of her wish list.IMG_7227IMG_7229


6. Ruth Logan highlighted the Cut Up method, rediscovered by Brion Gysin which inspired William S Burroughs. See the beautiful website, and see if you can sit through the 18 minutes of film. I only made it to 3 minutes.

7. She also mentioned Charles Bukowski, and I found this amazing video of one of his poems and “kinetic typography”.


8. Meg Farr reminded me about e e cummings – a visual feast on this Google Images link.

9. And also the AMAZING Emily Gravett. I dashed upstairs and took a snapshot (on my phone, sorry!) of the copyright page of one of my favourite picture books: BLUE CHAMELEON. If you know a little person, by them one of Emily’s books! Especially this one.Copyright Page of BLUE CHAMELEON10. And last, just squeezed in at the end by Sanne, is a mention for the mouse tail poem in ALICE AND WONDERLAND.

Do you have any special typography to share with us? Let us know in a comment or on Twitter @HotKeyBooks.