Top Ten Tuesday: Unlikely Couples in Literature

Last week the Internet was buzzing with rumours about Ron and Hermione’s relationship after some quotes from an interview with J.K. Rowling in Wonderland magazine were released. This sparked numerous heated discussions about the compatibility of the different characters in the Harry Potter series. And with Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought it would be interesting to devote this Top Ten Tuesday to the most unlikely couples in literature!

FANGIRL_CoverDec2012I’m ENGROSSED in FANGIRL so I have to say Simon Snow and Baz! – Jenny

wuthering-heightsHareton Earnshaw and Cathy Linton from WUTHERING HEIGHTS are my favourite unlikely couple. After reading about Catherine and Heathcliff’s doomed love and giving up all hope, it looks like Hareton and Cathy have such clashing personalities and backgrounds that they can’t help but antagonize each other. But what I like about their relationship is that they both need to learn to trust and understand each other before they can from a friendship and fall in love later on. – SanneOttoline_and_the_Yellow_Cat My love for the OTTOLINE books is almost unparalleled, I think they’re perfect in their quirkiness, but the quirk I love most is the relationship between Ottoline and Mr Munroe. While Ottoline’s adventurous, collector parents are away they look after each other and solve mysteries together and obviously love each other very much, even though she lives in the Pepperpot Building and he’s originally from a bog in Norway. Even though, he hates the rain and she loves splashing in puddles. And even though he hates having his hair brushed but Ottoline loves brushing his hair to help her think. It genuinely made me so angry when, in the second book OTTOLINE GOES TO SCHOOL, the school thinks Mr Munroe is Ottoline’s pet and make him sleep in the stables with the other pets. Can’t they see that however unlikely it is, they’re best friends who love each other?! Chris Riddell’s masterful depiction of their relationship fills the books with a gorgeous, gentle, warm-hearted feeling that it is impossible not to fall in love with this unlikely couple (and want to name your first daughter after her. Bagsy me.) – Livs

janeeyreWith her impressive moral backbone and serious nature, Jane should reject the libertine Mr Rochester with all her being. Not only does he harbour an insane ex wife secretly in his house, but he attempts to lure Jane into bigamous marriage, and then into being his mistress. Byronic and brooding, meets puritan and righteous, yet Rochester loves Jane for her impassioned sense of self-respect and her strength and when he repents for his past behaviour, Jane allows herself to give in to the passion she has felt for him from the start. The moral of the story: bad boy needs to get his act together if he wants to win the good girl. See also, Sandy and Danny from Grease. – Emilybeautybeast-graphicsfairy008Perhaps the first unlikely couple ever was The Beauty and the Beast! That tale always resonated with me because of how sorry I felt for the Beast. Like all fairy tales there is much subtext going on, but I remember being a bit disappointed when the Beast turned into a man. I had rather preferred him in his original form…. – Emma Mprideandprejudice2Of course by now we all knows what happens in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, but imagine reading it for the first time again, without any prior knowledge. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy are definitely an unexpected match!

Game_of_thronesCersei and Jaimie Lannister from A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE definitely caught us off guard! Blood is thicker than water, and all that – but with such wealth, beauty and power, is incest really necessary? – Emma B

department 19Jamie and Larissa from DEPARTMENT 19. Larissa is a kick-ass, scary, throat-ripping vampire (this is NOT Twilight). Jamie works for the government organisation set to rid the world of Vamps. He should want to kill her, not kiss her. But you know, teen emotions can never be predicted and the fact Jamie is drawn to her power rather than her beauty makes it even better. I have it on good authority from the author that Larissa wasn’t even meant to be a main character but they just had such great chemistry she had to stay on 😉 – Sarah BWarmBodiesWhile WARM BODIES definitely has a lot of ties with the story of Romeo and Juliet, the barrier between the two main characters is slightly more complicated then being from two different families. Julie is a human being and R is… a zombie. It’s definitely an unlikely match, but somehow it works and Julie discovers that there is more ‘humanity’ left in R than everyone thinks. – Sanne

LostAndFound-OliverJeffersThe Boy and the Penguin from Oliver Jeffer’s LOST AND FOUND. The boys spends the whole book trying to get rid of the lost penguin that has turned up at his door. But after he takes him back to the North Pole, he realises that maybe the penguin wasn’t lost after all? Maybe he was just lonely. The end gets me every time. Even better in the animated version, narrated by Jim Broadbent. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it. – Sarah B

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