We love our tech too

With all this swooning over beautiful books, I feel compelled to point out that we love our gadgets too. Behold, the Hot Key machines…

This loot is actually with FIVE people out of the office. (We miss you, Emily!) So, this is us at half-capacity.

We’ve got something like: 15 smart phones, 1 not-smart phone, 3 iPads, 5 Kindles, and 1 titchy Samsung N210 Plus (mine) that get lugged around with us everywhere we go. We’ve got bejewelled phone covers, custom printed sitcker wraps for Kindle, gorgeous little monster cases… We love our tech too.

There is some rivalry in the office with EVERYONE else being on an iPhone. There are a couple of business Blackberries, but it’s just little old lonely me holding strong on the Android front with my HTC Desire.

I’m so lonely (so lonely), I’m Mrs. Lonely (Mrs. Lonely)…

Thanks, Akon.