Welcome to the Week of Woo!

When was the last time YOU were a part of a campaign to get an author to publish his or her book in the UK? Well, now’s the time. Today is Day One of our Week of Woo, and we need your help. We’re reaching out to everyone in the Twittersphere, Tumblrsphere, Facebookosphere and general atmosphere to help us to bring John Green to our neck of the woods.

Now, we know this is a bit unconventional. Usually publishers talk to agents, or other publishers, and work out some deal for a book. But we are not your standard publisher. Sure we’re going to do all the necessary paperwork-sign-at-the-x things, but we love this author so much we felt that we needed to do something special.

Today we posted a hilarious video to provide a bit of an introduction to our campaign: As you’ll see, even the Queen approves of this project.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Prepare yourself for a week of wackiness. In addition to posting new videos all week long, nerdfighters across the UK and Ireland will have the chance to put our editorial director’s love for Mr. Green to the test. We even have prizes to give away! Yes prizes!

So what can you do?

  1. Stay tuned to all week long.
  2. Got more time? Post a British-themed happy dance video on our YouTube, Twitter or Tumblr, or a vlog with you/ your friends/ large groups of people saying “DFTBAintheUK”.

And of course, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!