Write Ideas – An Evening at Platform Islington

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of hosting a talk on working in Editorial as part of Platform Islington‘s ‘Write Ideas’, an author-led storymaking project for young people.

I wasn’t sure how many people would be there as attendance is designed to be casual, so Sanne, Monique and I were very pleasantly surprised to find a classroom full of teenagers waiting for us! Surprised, and immediately nervous, as my teacher friends’ tales of warning about what it can be like trying to speak to a large group of young people suddenly surfaced in my mind…

IMG_6794 However, the group was amazing – everyone paid attention and asked great questions about how we worked as a team and how we went about designing the jackets etc. I was presenting SAY HER NAME by James Dawson, which seemed to go down very well, although some people thought it looked a little too scary!

We also gave out some free proofs at the end of the session, which was met with incredulity by most of the group (“We can keep these? FOR FREE?!”) so I really hope anyone who reads them will let us know what they thought.

IMG_6796All in all it was a great evening and another opportunity to admire what a fantastic centre Platform is (I attended a previous evening session there a little while ago), how passionate the people running it are, and what a brilliant resource for young people it is.