You can take the girl out of the bookshop…

Coming up to the end of our anniversary month it has been very interesting to see how we here in Hot Key Towers have marked this auspicious occasion (cake aside). Many of us commented ‘but just look at the bookshelves!’ as we remembered the painful time when we had NO BOOKS.  (In those dark days we kept ourselves going by perving over this website.)

Bookcases are a very personal and obsessional thing, but in the spirit of sharing, and to follow on from my post last week about the pile of books next to my bed (I do have bookcases, honestly, those are just the ones next on my reading pile) here’s a nice look at my bookcases at home.

bookcase 1 the main one

This is the main bookcase.  And at this point I need to mention that you are looking at the bookcases of 2 ex-booksellers.  So, this is fiction A-Z.  A mixture of adult and kids, mainly fantasy but with my entire run of the Dorothy L Sayer’s novels that contain Peter Wimsey (bottom shelf in the picture, stacked).  Favourites in here include a signed 50th anniversary edition of WEIRDSTONE.  The bottom shelf that is out of view is the picture book shelf.

bookcase 2 the precarious one

This bookcase is precariously balanced and contains mainly kids stuff and a few classics.  Again, highlights include a signed hardback of NOUGHTS AND CROSSES – I started my first day in publishing on the day of the launch party.

bookcase 3 with tiny orcs

Finally, here is a close-up of our other bookcase.  Above this and to the right (it sort of goes round a corner) is non-fiction (history and film stuff mainly).  But this is the graphic novel collection.  On the middle shelf you may be able to make out an army of tiny orcs.  They do not belong to me.

Yes, I know they’re not particularly tidy, but I know where everything is.  My main problem is I need more space for the books. So, any particular bookcases of yours that you’d like to share?  Any weird way of shelving?  (Jet’s office has them by colour, but he is a designer).