All Our Money Goes to Books

You know the drill! Every month we tell you which books we’ve bought recently, so maybe you can get some inspiration (and of course we always love to hear your suggestions too!)John Ronson I was recently lent THE PSYCHOPATH TEST by Jon Ronsom to read (I’ll get that back to you, Cait!). But know how I scuff up books easily (odd for a designer I suppose) I didn’t want to go on holiday with it. But also didn’t want to stop reading. So I got my copy in the Heathrow terminal. Left that copy at my parent’s place, and Cait’s copy needs to be returned too. Which might be a good thing cause I might just need to order the US edition for the cover anyway. – Jan

Cait picturesThis month I’ve gone ebook mad, buying a number of new treats to delve into. Some choice picks include THE ROSIE PROJECT for the Hot Key book club, which I devoured right after downloading it, and also THE PRINCESS DIARIES after a nostalgic conversation here in the office! – Cait

enc-cover-628x892 I haven’t bought a book per se, but after Sanne (my enabler) lent me THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EARLY EARTH by Isabel Greenberg – which I am adoring and savouring every moment of – I happened upon Greenberg’s work at the Pick Me Up show at Somerset House, where lots of her work from the book was available to buy.Jenny PicturesAnd so I bought a print – oops for my bank account, hurray for my naked walls. While I wait for it to be delivered, here’s a snap of the picture from inside the book. (I did so well at resisting buying families of Russian dolls of different character sets …) – Jenny

Sarah pictureThe books I bought this month are THE INTERESTINGS by Meg Wolitzer because Liv’s recommended it so highly and SHARP OBJECTS by Gillian Flynn because I really enjoyed GONE GIRL and am in the mood for another fast paced
thriller! – Sarah O

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 10.34.20On the last day of #papervspixels I visited Daunt Books and apparently I was in the mood for blue books! I’m excited that the Pelican books are back (and I need to read more non-fiction) and the other two titles were completely unfamiliar to me, but looked really interesting. One of my favourite things is leaving a bookshop with books I’ve never heard about and knowing that maybe I’ll discover something I absolutely adore ‘by accident’. – Sanne

Have you bought any books recently? Let us know in a comment or on Twitter @HotKeyBooks!