About The Author

Iva-Marie Palmer

Iva-Marie Palmer grew up on the South Side of Chicago in a suburb known as Oak Lawn, which also serves as a fictionalized setting for her book. Through the years Iva-Marie has held a jaw-dropping number of jobs in a variety of fields including swim instructor, golf caddy, Hallmark clerk, member of a college road crew, campus newspaper editor, music director for her college radio station, and door-woman for a rock club.
Shortly after getting married to fellow writer/reporter Stephan Stanis, Iva-Marie moved to Los Angeles and now has a two-year old son, Clark, who she says might just be the world's most adorable and funny person. Their current suburb is home to several movie studios, a fact she still finds awesome even after living there for seven years. Follow Iva-Marie at or on Twitter: @ivamarie