BLINDSIDED and Letting Go

BLINDSIDEDToday’s blog post is by Natalie Whipple, author of BLINDSIDED.

Publishing is a funny business. Sometimes you work yourself into the ground in the hopes that a book will be published, and sometimes a chance falls into your lap out of the blue.

BLINDSIDED was the second type.

Believe me, I was the most surprised about the amazing Hot Key Books asking me if I’d be interested in writing more in the TRANSPARENT world. Things like that just didn’t happen to me. I’m the writer who has to wait and fall on my face a bunch before I get a chance (it took me 7 years, 10 books, and 3 agents to get TRANSPARENT into the world).

Though I had always pictured more in Fiona’s story, I had accepted a long time ago that I may never get to write it. I was at peace with that. Or at least I thought I was, though I didn’t think twice about saying YES to Hot Key’s request. While it was difficult to write BLINDSIDED in a 6-month turnaround, looking back now I’m so happy not only that I had the opportunity, but I’m also really proud of how it turned out.

BLINDSIDED picks up a few months after TRANSPARENT finishes, and there’s not much I can say without giving major spoilers from the first book. But suffice it to say, Fiona isn’t as safe or confident as she hoped she’d be by now. She especially still struggles with being invisible and wanting to see herself—something that may never happen.

TRANSPARENT_B_FORMAT (1)When I think about the book overall, it’s a novel about how life doesn’t go as planned, how sometimes you have to let go. This is a lesson I’ve been learning myself lately—now being a published author and seeing how the dream and reality don’t always match up—and so naturally it slipped into my writing. Sometimes you have to let go of good desires/hopes/dreams because, oddly enough, they can be more destructive than bad things.

Fiona has to learn this lesson as much as I have had to. She also has to fight bad guys, once she figures out who’s the worst one, at least. I’m happy to at least avoid that one.

Anyway, I want to thank Hot Key for helping me bring BLINDSIDED into the world, and I hope all you TRANSPARENT readers out there enjoy finding out what happens to Fiona and crew next!

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