Dear Auntie Hot Key….

Dear Auntie Becca,

I love YA books and can’t get enough. But it’s really hard to know what to read next. Where can I turn?

Addicted in Aylesbury

(A great blog post on incredible libraries here)

Dear Addicted,

I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy reading YA books, the great thing about reading is that you will never get to the end of all the wonderful books that there are to read!

Do you have a particular genre that you enjoy reading? Maybe science fiction is your bag. Perhaps it’s horror, paranormal romance or even historical fiction. Whatever you enjoy there is sure to be something else out there to float your boat! If you do have a particular genre that you enjoy you could try exploring fan forums online like this if you love Hunger Games, or maybe this if Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging is your favourite book ever! Really good bookshops will have staff that have an exceptional knowledge of all that is great and upcoming!

Another way to discover YA fiction is to explore social networking sites; Twitter and Facebook both promise links to an infinitesimal number of fan sites, forums and blogs to help you keep up to date with the latest YA offerings. Peruse the numerous blogs that are out there – Liz at really knows her stuff, but there are hundreds of people with a passion for YA fiction that are just waiting to share their knowledge and passion with you, like Jo at onceuponabookcase and Jesse at

‘GoodReads’ is a great place to keep up to date with what’s up and coming and what’s popular with other readers. Even better there are often competitions to win pre-release copies of great books. You can be our editorial director’s friend on Goodreads by finding her here:

The internet is a great place to start exploring the billions of books that are out there, but don’t forget about face to face discussion. You could join a reading group with your local library, or attend a literary festival where authors attend in abundance, Bath Children’s Festival and Edinburgh are fantastic places to start and really get to know the YA scene. Alternatively there are great newsletters, exlusive releases, brilliant offers and much more from Whenever I want a new project I turn to the Guardian – they know their stuff!

My favourite place is a bookshop; whether they’re tiny indies cramped with new and exciting debut works, or spacious high street shops where I can peruse glossy hardbacks, cappuccino in hand – click here for Total Wow  A recent rain-shower forced me to seek shelter in an Oxfam bookshop, where there were wonderful staff and books in plenty. There are hundreds of people out there just waiting to share their passion for all things YA – so the best thing you can do is start a conversation!

So start one now! What have YOU just read that you loved?

I just read Tales from Outer Suburbia by my favourite author Shaun Tan and it was awesome.

Hope that helps!

Auntie Becca