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I have a prejudice against World War II books. My family has a difficult history with it, and so my head tells me that authors writing books now that are set in that time are manipulative, taking advantage of the agonising emotion bundled up in that war.

But so many people (including our own Cait Davies) think I am totally wrong and bonkers. And every once in a while, the right person will recommend a WWII book in the right way that I just have to read. And, then, it is good. The author has written something important and genuine and makes me realise that I shouldn’t let my assumptions get in the way of wonderful stories.

So, my blog today is to celebrate the moments when you break down your own reading preference wall, branch out and discover something you wouldn’t normally. Especially when adults who don’t read YA give it a try and their eyes are opened.

This week the iBookstore is running a promotion to encourage just that. 7 days, 7 authors, totally free. These are handpicked titles by the editorial people who work behind the scenes at iBooks and we are delighted that they have selected Dawn O’Porter as an author they want more people to discover. If you have anything Mac-related (iPhone, iPad, Macbook…), the iBooks app is totally free and today, for one day only, PAPER AEROPLANES is also totally free. Get it now!