Hot Key Carnegie Challenge Book 4: My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher

Whilst we pour over our wonderful Young Writers Prize entries (So impressed! Keep ’em coming…) we can consider what literary heights the winners might climb. The Carnegie Prize is one of the most well-renowned and respected of them all, which brings us back to our challenge!

Since our last challenge we have been enjoying My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher. A book that is described as ‘a stunning debut novel about the tragedy that tears apart a family after a terrorist attack’.

The blurb : Ten year old Jamie hasn’t cried since it happened. He knows he should have – Jasmine cried, Mum cried, Dad still cries. Roger didn’t, but then he is just a cat and didn’t know Rose that well really. 

Everyone kept saying it would get better with time, but that’s just one of those lies that grown-ups tell in awkward situations. Five years on, it’s worse than ever…’

A great video trailer really  caught my eye – here it is!


We’ve heard really wonderful things about this book – what about you?