Hot Key Books at LeakyCon London

Last weekend a large group of Harry Potter fans gathered in one place for LeakyCon London! LeakyCon is a Harry Potter convention that’s been happening in the United States for years and has now finally made its way to the UK. The convention also has a Lit track and some of our authors came long to be on panels about world building, being an author and a student at the same time and to discuss ‘who has it worse, boys or girls?’ Of course there was also plenty of time for several signing sessions and Wrock (Wizard Rock) concerts. We want to say thanks to Melissa and Maureen and the rest of the team for organising everything. We also want to thank Lex for making sure we were always in the right place at the right time and to Rosianna for moderating the panels.  We had a wonderful weekend and below you can find some pictures and a video of all the events.


You can find our authors here:

James Dawson

Sally Gardner

Laure Eve

Matty Whyman

Dawn O’Porter