On Reading Books in School

One of the best things about twitter is its ability to start a conversation. A passing comment can spark discussion that you didn’t see coming, perhaps with people you’ve never met. And that’s kind of a great thing, to be a sentence away from millions of different opinions, passions, and facts.

So yesterday, in case you missed it, Nina (@serifinaxxx) tweeted about how she was forced to read Skellig in school and hated it.  We were shocked! We love David Almond (some more than other, *cough* Sara OC *cough*)! How could reading one book in school have put someone off the author for LIFE? Then @lovereadingx named Animal Farm as a hated school text- what was it about reading books in school?!

Next thing we knew, there were outcries from readers, authors and bloggers alike naming books that have been forever tainted by their presence on a school reading list – Lord of the Flies, Hard Times, Little Dorrit, Sunset Song, Birdsong, The Color Purple… and some that were objects of pure hate until after that dreaded exam (see @samarnold_28‘s experience of Hamlet). From this one comment, we were talking about our worst teachers, our top five Shakespeare plays and being spat on by Macbeth (unfortunately for @JaneHoward), amazing teachers (@SweetBookshelf, we all wanted to be in your English class) and even running over a copy of The Great Gatsby (we’re looking at you @rachnmi).

This is immensely cool. Especially since we’re still talking about it – Meg had to study Macbeth three times in three different schools which is pretty crazy! (luckily this hasn’t spoiled the play for her, it just means she’s rather good at quoting Lady Macbeth ).

So, have you been forced to read a book in school that you now hate? Is there an author that you avoid because you can’t bear the memories of reading his or her words aloud in school? Join the conversation here or on Twitter!