Say Their Name

Today we’ve got a guest post from Hot Key author, James Dawson (with two very special guest appearances!)

Hello dear readers,

The Hot Key team asked me to write a short blog to keep you up to date with everything that’s going on with me. Yes, ME. Let’s start with Say Her Name.

Two weeks have passed since the terrifying launch – terrifying for me because I had to give a big speech and terrifying for everyone else because BLOODY MARY showed up! Yes, my brave agent, Jo and my equally brave editor, Emma used a Ouija board to contact the spirit world. Sadly for them, they got more than a gin and cucumber. No, instead, a VERY WARM Mary was summoned, resplendent in her Piper’s Hall uniform and totally comfortable yellow contact lenses.

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed or blogged about Say Her Name. So far, the reviews have been outstanding and I’m very grateful indeed. Keep them coming!

What else is new? Last weekend, Ryan from Empire of Books had a mayjah exclusive! My next novel (out early 2015) is called UNDER MY SKIN and there are more details over on his blog. And soon Matt Whyman and I will be visiting a school near you on the Frightfest Tour – combining Say Her Name with the equally unsettling American Savage. I can’t wait to hit the road!

AMERICAN SAVAGE - Matt Whyman - JacketYou can still vote for your QUEEN OF TEEN over at and here’s a special celebrity message of support I received this week!

Now, COMPETITION TIME! Say Her Name, as well as being a chilling ghost story, is also the story of best friends Bobbie Rowe and Naya Sanchez. We decided, as you’ve been so good, that if you nominate your BRAVEST FRIEND, you BOTH stand a chance of winning Say Her Name scary goodies! So SAY THEIR NAME and tweet us the name of your nominated brave mate to @HotKeyBooks to enter.

Remember, the only way to be safe from Bloody Mary is to pass on the curse so if you’ve read Say Her Name, be sure to tell five friends today!

I’ll see you real soon, because I’m back this September with something completely different – THIS BOOK IS GAY! See you then!

James x