TOCCON Tuesday Night Quick Summaries

Tuesday night, quick fire summaries:

The Lean Start Up by Eric Ries
Build – measure – learn.
Get results, test things.
Don’t ask people opinion, watch their behaviour.
This is the book I bought!

The Information Diet by Clay Johnson
People are feeding themselves unhealthy news. The “purple” America of moderate thinking between Democrat and Republican has disappeared and it’s now either/or, red or blue. People are choosing to be affirmed rather than informed, and it’s harmful. This is the book I bought for the lovely Rachel from Templar.

The Clip Report by Stevel Rubel
5 new ways of doing business:
1.    Curate to dominate
2.    Data Mine to find the right time
3.    Keep Stories Alive longer
4.    Roll in the Deep, start shallow but have “drillable” options
5.    Covet thy superstars: having spokespeople is huge.

How to be Black by Baratunde Thurston
The digital director of The Onion has produced a suitably irreverent but thought-provoking book inspired by the #howblackareyou hashtag.